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Do you have questions about how your Band can achieve success in the Wedding and Corporate Markets?

Motown Mentor Consulting – How It Works

To contract the services of Motown Mentor Consulting is very simple.

1. Send an e-mail to explaining your problem and question clearly and succinctly with enough information so that it may be resolved.

2. I will “diagnose” the problem and provide you an estimate via e-mail as to what it costs to answer your question or solve your problem.

3. If you agree with the price, simply make a donation to our Paypal account for the quote amount.

4. Upon confirming the funds are received, your question will be answered, but you can also receive an e-mail response or (for $200 an hour) a Skype or ZOOM consultation.

5. Depending on the complexity of the problem, there may be some follow up questions.

I officially bill out at $200 per hour, but the truth is, most problems are solved within a 15 minute e-mail or so, so most final bills come in around $50.

I also will attend your Band Rehearsals and direct the Vocalists and offer tips on dressing and choreography to help make Your Show a – SENSATION!

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The Motown Mentor – Tyrone Roby

Escalade Show And Dance Band and Phz-2 – “We LOVE ♥️ What We Do!”